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EFit HyperCube

Quit the traditional inadequate architecture...

A hyperconverged infrastructure is an innovative and modern solution to the challenges faced by companies and public administrations.

Hyperconverged infrastructure is one of the best solutions today to meet the challenges of modern information systems.
The hyperconverged infrastructure is the innovative combination of a datacenter with its storage resources, which effectively replaces the traditional infrastructure.

For the customer, it is a more stable, more efficient and, above all, much less expensive and flexible solution.

A hyper-converged infrastructure

The traditional IT infrastructure no longer meets the analysis and management needs of today’s companies and administrations.

The convergence of IT and communication infrastructures is the result of research by the teams that led to the launch of the hyperconverged solution “EFit HyperCube”.

The return on investment from the use of our HyperCube solution is more than 40% and the average payback period is just over 18 months.


The main feature of the EFit HyperCube solution is the integration of storage.

User adoption of the hyper-converged infrastructure has been rapid and complete. Both SMEs and large enterprises have understood the value of this development.

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