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Audit IT Infrastructure

Although each audit is different, as it depends on the client’s needs, it remains that a main axis of the requests is linked to the improvement of the performance and the IT security of the existing system.

We carry out audits with the objective of defining a solution for migrations (Data Centers/ Servers & OS – Solaris, Linux/ ERP) Identify potential risks that may affect the availability of your IT infrastructure

Propose actions to control the identified risks.

Provide reasonable assurance that IT objectives are met (SLA).

EFit-partners offers the assistance of an internal audit of the IT infrastructure in order to control the risks of unavailability.

We adopt a methodical (COSO2 or ISO 31000) and practical (FMECA) approach. This audit will result in a detailed report with:

a complete description of the different elements of the existing IT infrastructure,

an identification of the impact and probability of occurrence of the risks presented by each element (Business Impact Analysis) and

the possibilities to reduce these risks.

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