Ideas and Values EFit-partners, the leader in administration, management,
installation and maintenance of IT systems
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In 2012, our company EFit-partners (the initials of the two founders) was created as a result of the common observation – by Eric Deblon and Frédéric Vanrobays – that very few players in the IT audit sector were able to implement recommendations that they illustrated and spread out over many slides, and which cost a lot of money to companies and administrations.

In 2019, Patrick Vander Linden joined us on the Board of Directors.
We have the ambition, and the added value, to propose the ability to implement recommendations for improvements in the audit of the IT infrastructure. In order to demonstrate their relevance and effectiveness in response to the needs of our customers.

We also want to bring our know-how and skills to SMEs and public administrations. Large companies are only approached by very large IT groups able to fulfil minimum turnover criteria of several millions of euros per year, groups that often subcontract to freelancers and specialized companies such as ours…

Currently the team has grown with the demands of our customers, and is composed of 7 collaborators.

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